Homewood Dallas | Food
Homewood Dallas. A fresh new concept from Matthew Mccallister
Homewood, Dallas, Dallas Restaurants. Oak Lawn, Dallas Design District
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We are passionate about working with local farms and ranches and celebrating the ingredients grown in the Southwest. We focus on simple preparations and use multiple forms of preservation to build the most flavor potential out of every dish. We want ingredients to shine so the menu changes with the seasons to showcase the best ingredients of the moment. Our two main applications of cooking are over embers or slowly roasting and they play a part in the majority of the whole menu.


parker house rolls : 6

parmesan mornay & chicken drippings

hot sauce cured coppa : 15

spicy mustard, giardiniera & lavash

grilled asparagus : 10

gribiche, black pepper lardo & bread crumbs

embered monterey squid : 13

smoked chile, puffed rice & radish

frittered softshell crab : 18

tomato panzanella, arugula-ramp pesto

beauregarde snow peas : 9

beurre monte, chile oil & rye breadcrumbs



a selection of oysters : M/P

aged hot sauce, lemon & tomato vine vinegar mignonette

dry aged beef tartare : 16

potato chips & tons of horseradish

bluefin tuna : 17

brined cucamelon, pickled peppers, castelvetrano olive & garden basil

east coast scallops : 16

ham aioli & celery relish


salad & soup

parmesan soup : 12

leeks, brown butter breadcrumbs & country ham

greens, seeds & herbs : 11

mustard vinaigrette

embered beets : 13

tahini dressing, burnt onion & mustard greens

homewood caesar : 13

young lettuce, endive, pecorino sardo & garlic croutons

shrimp & farro verde : 16

coriander, strawberries & chive aioli

Everything on this menu is made in house and from scratch! We pride ourselves in sourcing responsibly and providing the best ingredients available.


rustic semolina torchio : 16/29

bolognese & parmesan

fennel tagliatelle with smoked trout : 15/28

chile, garlic, white wine & caramelized fennel

stinging nettle & smoked leek farfalle : 17/31

pork meatballs & wilted turnip greens

emmer gemelli with clams : 18/32

chorizo, roasted garlic & chenzo pepper flakes

ricotta gnocchi : 17/31

first of the season corn, maitake mushrooms & pickled pepperoncini



roasted cartermere farms half chicken : 28

morel mushrooms, english peas, vin jaune & arugula

steelhead trout cooked over embers : 29

new potatoes, nasturtium chile sauce & toasted seed salsa

2S Ranch grassfed sirloin steak : 33

embered cabbage, smoked soubise & salsa verde

smoked pork belly & spiced sausage : 34

glazed carrots, harissa vinaigrette, coriander & peanut crumble

center cut a-bar-n ranch wagyu ribeye : M/P

glazed onions, potato pave & bordelaise


pomme puree : 7

ember roasted maitake mushroom : 10

wilted farm greens with tons of garlic : 6


sweets & cheeses

dark chocolate & banana semifreddo : 10

rum caramel & peanuts

smoked strawberry sorbet & beet froyo : 10

beet poppyseed cake & candied pistachios

valrhona azelia & passion fruit torte : 10

coffee, hazelnuts & toffee ice cream

warm rhubarb galette with whey jam : 9

vanilla creme fraiche ice cream

coconut tart with caramelized pineapple : 9

lime & mint sorbet

selection of cheeses we currently love : 21

toast & jam

Items subject to change.