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Homewood Dallas. A fresh new concept from Matthew Mccallister
Homewood, Dallas, Dallas Restaurants. Oak Lawn, Dallas Design District
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We are passionate about working with local farms and ranches and celebrating the ingredients grown in the Southwest. We focus on simple preparations and use multiple forms of preservation to build the most flavor potential out of every dish. We want ingredients to shine so the menu changes with the seasons to showcase the best ingredients of the moment. Our two main applications of cooking are over embers or slowly roasting and they play a part in the majority of the whole menu.


Potato Focaccia with cultured butter $8


Yellowtail Tuna with almond milk, cucumber, toasted benne seed, red shiso & chili oil $17


Smoked Beef Carpaccio with adjika vinaigrette, pistachio crumble & garden basil $15

Our whole roasted chicken

dinner for 4 people $100

a large green salad 
1 farm side
and a seasonal fruit crisp with a pint of ice cream


Our pasta dinner for 4 people

(requires you to cook the pasta and assemble) $85

1lb our extruded fusilli pasta with bolognese and marinara
 a large green salad
and a seasonal fruit crisp with a pint of ice cream


please pre-order at least 1 day before at:
Phone: 214.434.1244
Email: info@homewooddallas.com


Greens, seeds & herbs $14

with a mustard vinaigrette

Fancy AF Potato Salad $14

Heirloom fingerlings, trout roe, chanterelles & mustard

Homewood Caesar $13

young lettuce, castelfranco, pecorino sardo & garlic croutons

Chilled Corn Soup $18

with crab, avocado, hot sauce & pickled ramps



Smoked Short Ribs $43

new potato pave, charred green beans, brown butter hollandaise

Grilled Black Cod $31

with summer veggies, charred onion vinaigrette, romesco & torn herbs

Semolina Lumache $25

with our country ham, braised butter beans & cream

Fusilli Pasta $26

with our bolognese

Cavatelli $22

with our gardens pesto, charred pepper relish, ricotta & whey

Abruzzi Rye Ravioli $25

with red wine braised pastrami, shiitake mushroom & breadcrumbs

Ricotta Gnocchi $33

Butternut squash, tomato ragout, chili oil


Brown Butter Peach Rice Pudding $12

with a chamomile anglaise & puffed wild rice

Carrot Cake $7

with cream cheese frosting

Chocolate Budino $11

Pint of Ice Cream (Assorted Flavors) $8




*Items subject to change

*Dine in presentation vs To-Go presentation varies

*If you experience any issues with our online ordering system, please call us at 214-434-1244 so we can assist you.


*Please provide a pick up time in the notes. Thank you! 

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