Homewood Dallas | Food
Homewood Dallas. A fresh new concept from Matthew Mccallister
Homewood, Dallas, Dallas Restaurants. Oak Lawn, Dallas Design District
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We are passionate about working with local farms and ranches and celebrating the ingredients grown in the Southwest. We focus on simple preparations and use multiple forms of preservation to build the most flavor potential out of every dish. We want ingredients to shine so the menu changes with the seasons to showcase the best ingredients of the moment. Our two main applications of cooking are over embers or slowly roasting and they play a part in the majority of the whole menu.


Potato Focaccia with cultured butter $7


Our cured lox toast, pickled asparagus, everything lardo & caper aioli $16


Our prosciutto, last years pickled peaches, fresh peach relish & arugula $19


Honey roasted carrots, whipped buttermilk dressing and spiced pumpkin seed crumble $11


Grilled first of the season corn soup with corn fritters and chiles $12


Yellowfin tuna crudo with preserved tomatoes, tomato brine & basil $16


Grilled wellfleet oyster, with herbed shallot butter $18/36

Everything on this menu is made in house and from scratch! We pride ourselves in sourcing responsibly and providing the best ingredients available.


Beets with berries, capered green blueberries, whipped yogurt & fennel $14


Greens, seeds & herbs $13
a mustard vinaigrette


Homewood Caesar $13
Young lettuce, pecorino sardo & garlic croutons




The “Party Melt” $18

2 3oz patties of grassfed beef, pickled jalapeno dijonaise, caramelized onion, gruyere mornay on Texas Toast with Herbed Fries

BBQed porchetta with polenta, calabrian chile butter & grilled okra $27

Cartermere Farms Chicken Milanese with arugula and shaved parm $24

Roasted Yellow Edge Grouper, pole bean succotash with basil, aioli & croutons $26

Cannelloni with mushrooms and swiss chard with vodka sauce $23

Fusilli pasta with our Bolognese $25

Bucatini, grilled sungold tomatoes, dill, parmesan $22



Milk Cake with cajeta, roasted strawberries & whipped cream $11

Chocolate Budino $11

Peach almond cream tart with lemon verbena anglaise $12

Items subject to change.